Who we are

CIREN is a state-of-the-art medical scientific institution. It has assisted thousands of worldwide patients by applying two original therapeutic programs and novel approaches. Renowned success has also been obtained …

 Neurologic Restoration

To get acqquainted with CIREN’s Clinics, its technology and therapeutic strategy. This program’s tariffs are also based on the neuroplasticity principle to recover or substitute lost functions.…

 Biologic Restoration

CIREN offers multidisciplinary and individualized approaches for those factors that avoid accelerated ageing and associated pathologies. (See Clinics and REBIOGER Products)..

 Investigation y Education

It is a space dedicated to know about CIREN’s Group of Investigation, Laboratories and Projects. Also to get acquainted with the 7 books where the center’s experience has been wholly colleted.

Medical Services

Based on the knowledge of Complementary Medical Services that allow to ensure the patients whole neurological and clinical avaluation. Also to know the multidisciplinary and efficacious treatment.

  Other Services

Other services have been specifically designed to satisfy the patien and carers possible interests during their stay at the institution.



The International Center of Neurologic Restoration (CIREN) founded on February 26th, 1989, is an avant-garde medical scientific institution with an area for basic investigation Programs.

It offers new knowledge by introducing and developing technologies in the neurosciences.

CIREN also has an assistential area with two original therapeutic programs: Neurological Restoration and General Biologic Restoration – REBIOGER – that have both assisted with renowed success and updated approaches, thousands of patients from countries around the world.

CIREN has created a new technology for the neuro-restorative, intensive, personalized and specialized teamwork treatment, based on neuro-plasticity principles to achieve a structural and functional recovery of the lesioned nervous system. It is applied by highly qualified medical teamworks in 7-specialized clinics according to diseases, through therapeutic actions integrally designed for each patient. under a neurologist’s guidance.
The European Community certified the NDRS software used in functional surgery.
CIREN’s renovates its Scientific Council

“I arrived in here on a wheelchair …” Aurora Levins Morales (patient) United States



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