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You  could contact us by Phone,   e-mail or come personally to the institution.

What distingueshes us?

CIREN has created a technology for the Neuro-Restorative, Multifactorial, Intensive and Personalized treatment, based on the principle of Neuroplasticity to achieve the structural and functional recovery of the injured Nervous System, which is applied by highly qualified multidisciplinary teams in its 6 Specialized clinics for pathologies, through therapeutic actions designed integrally for each patient, under the direction of the Neurologist in charge of the case.



Hospitals of the future must face changes that respond to new needs of patients

Early Diagnosis Reduces Outbreaks and Disability in Multiple Sclerosis

A new partial epileptic seizure therapy adjuvant therapy appears

Topic discussed at the congress of Spanish neurologists


Implementation of new service in the CIREN

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OZONE therapy for spinal pain.

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US expert praises Cuban doctors' preparation

During Course on Movement Disorders and Botulinum Toxin Workshop, held at CIREN...

Therapeutic option available at CIREN: Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation

Large number of diseases benefited with this treatment...

Testimonials of our patients:

“...Suffered a cardiac arrest that kept her in a coma, presented "a marked improvement" in lost neurological abilities, at the conclusion of the second phase of medical treatment she receives in Cuba.

My recovery is ostensible by the Science and the loves of the specialists and workers of the International Center for Neurological Restoration (CIREN), declared in Havana."

“...values the CIREN areas as "pavilions of hope," and considers that society as a whole "should see this", "I have even thought, reflect, find the right time to write a book about hope"

in one of his last songs he tells us: "Everything is worth and in some way is worth the hope that good fortune that is the beginning of everything".”

“...¿Why can not an American clinic offer the same solution that is offered in Cuba ?. "This is mostly an economic problem?”

CIREN provided a highly qualified specialist with a two-year training in kinesiology and two years as a neurologist, eight hours a day... there really is no price for health, "adds Mr. Williams